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May 1, 2012
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Night one:

Year: 1845
She was just a kid of 6 years old when suddenly her big brother died, it was a painful death, so horrible for a young girl to see it, and she had been alone with him seeing him going, she suffered even more than her parents, who were important aristocrats, Johannes and Elizabeth Muse didn't have time for their children, a young man of 17 years old and his little sister.

But after some days they were obliged to do so, two weeks later, Johannes parents died.

The police found them dead in their old house, at that point Johannes decided to put an end to that, he hired people, to find the murderer of his family, ignoring the fact that his daughter was suffering more than anyone, the girl who saw her brother bleeding to death, she saw someone killing him, someone not human.

The murderer wasn't found, it was the perfect crime.

Then suddenly the ones in charge of finding the killer died with the rest of the family, uncles, aunts and cousins. Now they were alone.

No one wanted to help them, and the police was useless, soon, society started rejecting the family and no one wanted to die in their place.

Elise Muse and her parents went to the graveyard, that night was specially cold, they were there just to visit their family for last time, they were leaving France, with the only hope that they would be saved if they left that cursed place, seeing her parents saying goodbye to everyone in the family, Elise looked around, even if she was so little and young, she knew something was wrong.

-Mommy, I saw something there, near that mausoleum.
-It's a shadow Elise, don't be afraid, we're leaving in just a minute... stay close to me.
Elise released her hand from her mother's embrace, she could almost swear she saw someone, not a shadow, and she was NOT scared; the girl tried to see what was there.... who was there.

She started walking near the mausoleum, away from her parents, but when she got there, no one was there.

Silence, after that; everything was silence.

Elise turned, she saw her dad, her mom, and the blood, they were dying, she was so young but she knew it, her dad was lying on the floor, totally covered of blood, his own blood, but the most horrifying thing, was her mother.

The girl just looked unable to do anything.

Someone or something was holding her, liquid was being drained from her neck; that being supporting her mother's body, was big, too big, with the black hair smeared with blood, he was biting her neck and letting out gasps of pleasure. Then he stopped feeding, to directly look at the little girl.

-You are the last one... -He smiled.

Elise saw those eyes, yellow, deep yellow, mesmerizing, she didn't even tried to move, she couldn't.

Someone took her hand and pulled her away of the beast, Elise turned and found herself facing a young boy; she didn't know who was him.

He pulled her and made her run through lots of graves, the girl didn't care, she was thinking about her parents "What happened to them? They are fine... Yes they MUST be fine"

The boy was taking her to the exit, away from that beast... and her parents. She made him stop. dad...I...I have to go back.... if t…They still...
-They are dead.
She felt like it was her who died with that sentence. She looked at him with impotence and sadness. The boy was taller than her and he was so serious, his eyes looking at her waiting for an answer, but she remained in silence; he growned and pulled her again.

-He is coming for you, we have to get out of here...
-I'm not leaving!!! Mom and dad... why is this happening? You must know! Why are you here?
She remembered something, something about that boy, it wasn't a coincidence he was there,  but she could barely think; he was pulling her again, out of the graveyard.

-No! –She stopped again-. I'm not leaving! No!
He stayed in front of her, he looked at her eyes stained with tears.

-You want to die? If that's the case, my lady, I'm leaving... go, run into the vampire's fangs and... -He stopped, she started crying, those beautiful blue eyes, were crying-. Listen, I'm doing this for you.... just let me guide you, trust me, I'll leave you with the priest you will be safe with them and.....

The boy turned, and again silence came.

The beast arrived, accompanied with silence
He had killed her screams.
She saw the yellow eyes before he passed his longs claws through the neck of the boy, to kill him.
To kill the only one who came, the only one who helped her.
The boy looked at her, expressionless and at the same time telling her she must live.

Elise wasn't able to save him, she was not even able to save herself; the boy was dying in front of her. Finally, she broke the silence, the girl screamed.  

And...ran, away, far away, leaving the graveyard, to the church, to anywhere. No more blood, no more death. That was enough.

-Elise...  Elise! Wake up my lady... Oh, God I'm not carrying you home, open your eyes.

That was a familiar voice.
She woke up; Elise often fell asleep in the church.

-What is it... Rei? -She didn't want to open her eyes- What time is it?
-It's 9 o'clock, I told you Elise, you don't have to wait for me... I can sleep here, but you can't, pray if you want but during day, if you don't go back to The Palace now Adrian will be so angry and not only with you...also with ME! Elise, I think…You've grown enough to know that he worries about you, even if he's not your real father, 16 years old, you must be responsible now Elise, you are a lady now, a big woman and... –Elise smiled, Rei  was a young friar of 17 years old, disciple of the priest of that church, Father Abelard.

"He always acts like the wisest one" She stood up and arranged her long dress.

- ...and Lhía would be worried too. Elise, you really understand the im...
- I'm leaving now, Rei... -She walked stylishly-. Are you sure you are a friar?
Elise went out of Rei's church, and realized he was right, it's was too late, she was going to receive a scold, again.
The girl started the walk to her "house".
Surely Lhía; her friend and Adrian's daughter, would be very upset, as always, but those people were her family... Elise had already accepted it, she never knew much about her past, she didn't remember anything about her family, only that no one had survived a tragedy.
A fire; the few family she had died there, or, at least, that was what Adrian and Father Abelard had told her.

As she was quickly walking in the streets of London thinking about the scold she was about to receive, she didn't notice about a carriage which passed slowly near her and stopped.

The passenger looked at her then he turned to his driver.

-Finally we found her, would you finish the work this time? –An old man with silver hair asked
The driver smiled, looked at the girl going away with his yellow eyes, and then he answered:

-Yes, My lord.

Elise just though that she could be a normal girl in the busy life of London in the year 1855; even without family she was hoping for a better future, but she would discover she was wrong...

This story is an original idea made by me

I do not own this image, I don't know who is the artist but I found it in the followings web pages

Next Chapter 2: Concern [link]
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